PORTFOLIO: Vanja Hamidi Isacson

Foto: Darina Rodionova
Foto: Darina Rodionova

Vanja Hamidi Isacson, 1976 Sweden

The portfolio includes my artistic research at Stockholm University of the Arts (2017-2022) followed by a selection of my artistic work as a playwright and librettist (2012 – 2022).


The interactive thesis ”The potential of multilingualism in dramatic works” is published at:https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/877893/877894

UniZona & PolyZona (2020-2021)

                   Collaboration with Unga Klara                                      

This multilingual play for youth is part of my PhD-project and includes Persian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish and Spanish. The play was developed in close collaboration with Unga Klara and  multilingual actors. It is the first play where I worked with the actors’ linguistic repertoires as the starting point and with existing texts such as poems and songs. The play has been presented through a reading at Uniarts Stockholm 2020. The reading was directed by Linda Mallik.

ASIA/ÄRENDE: Kaarle Vihtori Turunen   


Foto: Darina Rodionova
Foto: Darina Rodionova

The multilingual play ASIA/ÄRENDE: Kaarle Vihtori Turunen is part of my PhD-project and it includes Finnish, Swedish and Russian. It is my first full length multilingual play for adults and shows how I investigate the political, communicative, emotional and dramaturgical & musical potential of multilingualism. The play is based on my Finnish family story and deals with themes as languages loss, and trauma. The play has been presented through a reading at Uniarts Stockholm 2019 and at Uniarts Helsinki (The Theatre Academy) 2020. The reading was streamed.

ARTISTIC WORK 2012-2022 (selection)

Kom inte hit (2018)

Atalante Göteborg. Man Must Sing.                                             

Composer: Daniel Fjellström.                                                                               

This chamber opera is an example, of my close collaboration with composer Daniel Fjellström, with whom I developed the piece from idea to the final stage. Recording bellow:

Förhandsgranska i ny flik(öppnas i en ny flik)

Tusen och en natt

Malmö Opera 2012/13 and 2015/16

Photo: Malin Arnesson

Composer: Daniel Fjellström. Director Maria Sundqvist.   

My first opera libretto commissioned by Malmö Opera and performed at the main stage as a  performance for families.


”… en klart lysande present till Malmöbor och skåningar i alla åldrar i mörk midvintertid.”http://www.skanskan.se/article/20131229/NOJE/140109906/1002/-/tusen-och-en-natt-lyser-upp-i-morkret

”Det är svårt att inte förtrollas.”

”Ett allkonstverk”

”Kollektiv triumf”

”… berättelsens kraft rungar ända ut på gatan.”

”Tusen och en Natt – succé för familjeföreställningen på Malmö Opera”


Teater JaLaDa   ( 2014)

Composer: Daniel Fjellström. Director: Rayam Al-Jayzairy                        

PARIЗAДA/PARIZAD/باريزاد was the first performance I wrote for Teater JaLaDa, the theatre that I co-founded 2013. An important step in my development as multilingual playwright and in establishing the theatre in Malmö. Performed at Malmö Sommarscen and Parkteatern Stockholm among other stages.